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Asian Sex GFs
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My slutty wife being pounded by my Asian friend

Duration: 1min 01sec Views: 147 814 Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: This horny Asian mature wife picked me up and took me back to her home where I can start fucking her hard. She even let me videotape it on this private sex video and I decided to post it here.
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max 11 Sep 2016 12

amazing, the smile, she is so prety. and the curve that she does with her body for him to penetrate her. i wish i could she more.

max 11 Sep 2016 0

Amazing, so preaty, the smile and than the curve that you've made so he could penetrate ... i wish i could she more of it.

gman 17 Dec 2015 6

I just love thle on her face when he sticks it in Priceless

anonymous 05 Oct 2015 9

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