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NextdoorMale Video: Tim Holden

Duration: 5min 40sec Views: 34 901 Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Tim Holden is an easy going guy who embraces all things SoCal. A skater, surfer, spear-fisherman and musician, Tim knows how to relax and unwind. That ability is on full display here, as he messes around with the guitar for a little while before wrapping his hands around something a little more slippery. Running his hands down the surface of his hairy chest, Tim reaches underneath the bed sheet to find his cock rock hard and waiting for some attention. Grabbing it with two hands, he strokes feverishly with his legs spread wide open. Then moving onto his knees, he grinds his cock into the bed while his ass is perched high in the air. Feeling the building pressure in his loins, he stands up and makes his way over to the mirror, still jacking with a reckless abandon. Unable to satisfy himself, he grabs the FleshJack and begins to fuck it with such tenacity that he almost fucks a hole in it, before reclining back onto the bed and finally releasing his pent up load, as it wets his hairy stomach in tiny beads of goo.