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NextdoorMale Video: Anthony Romero

Duration: 5min 42sec Views: 157 447 Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Anthony Romero is paying tribute to the fall season, making use of the bountiful crop, and giving thanks by fucking the juice out rind fruit and gourds. He's harvesting a hard-on in his pants that needs to be unleashed, so he turns to his garden for nature's own fuck-toys. Watch as he begins by jacking himself off with a hollowed out squash (aka the Poke-a-hontas) and then whet your appetite as he mercilessly pounds the the meat of a melon into soggy pulp before exploding all over his own chest. Oh, you'll be thankful indeed.
Models: Anthony Romero
anonymous 18 Feb 2016 29

The whole time I was just like "Oh my god, this bitch is fucking a watermelon"