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Sissy Chap + Giant Darksome Sextoy + Poppers

Duration: 18min 36sec Views: 168 265 Submitted: 5 years ago
johnn 20 Aug 2016 4

fucking sexy!! his small dick was cumming while being fucked by this perfect black dildo!!love it!!!

anonymous 17 Aug 2016 -7

wow,he spray cum from ass???? fantastic sissy

Whatsup2.... BiAu 26 Jun 2016 3

Beautiful... love watching large dido inserted into arse... I use large mirror to watch going up my arse... very sexy... I sniff Amyl and cannot get enough of dildo.

anonymous 08 May 2016 -6

Szép lüktetö segg megdugnám

anonymous 24 Apr 2016 -2

At 3:57 he sniffed amyl

Fred 18 Sep 2015 6

Fuck... I dunno if he pissed or came at 3:57, but it was fuckin' hot either way. That is fucking sexy as hell!