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Daughter Mother Squirting Gene

Duration: 112min 00sec Views: 2 284 404 Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: In a funky household of horny women. The DNA genes for shiofuki (squirting) passes down generations in the ladies side. From the mother to the daughters, they all get high easily and squirt everywhere when their pussies are aroused. It's too bad the grandmother is not in this video or it would have been extremely comical.
Categories: Squirting Japanese
anonymous 22 May 2019 1

Plz tell me doughter name

Hack 03 Sep 2016 19

Urgently i need both daughter's name

anonymous 18 Aug 2016 5

What is the name the daughter

mottom 08 Aug 2016 13

the mom is maomi nagasawa

anonymous 08 Aug 2016 6

mother maomi nagasawa

rashid 04 Aug 2016 -5


rashid 04 Aug 2016 12

please tell the name of mother actress

Munna 20 Jul 2016 28

Could any one one tell the Mather actors name pls

NN 04 May 2016 1

Could someone tell me all the actress's name?

rashid 27 Oct 2015 16

best movie storical moive i like