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Female Teacher Hunting

Duration: 118min 32sec Views: 118 938 Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: The longstanding Max-A studios female teacher hunting series starring Haruka Itoh who portays a school teacher/infirmary monitor and discovers the obscene obsession of a male student and principal towards her.
Categories: Japanese
Prof.Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau 21 Jun 2016 1

For a single young woman, it must be enjoyable to hire or keep a secret baby at home that she can have sex at any time she feels like. But I don't know if it is appropriate for the boss to have sex with the employee by force in work places. If it is legal to do so in the Japanese law, this is a good movie indeed as long as the young woman doesn't feel pain. And if not, we should avoid forcing someone to have sex with. We should be careful that it should not be a painful experience for the lady, otherwise, it is going to be violation of human rights. I love you guys. All of you are very good actors and actress. The actress is beautiful indeed.