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My Wife's Hot Friend
My Wife's Hot Friend
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Chanel Preston & Mr. Pete in My Wife Shot Friend

Duration: 8min 01sec Views: 7 823 Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: Chanel Preston is really thankful that her friend and her friend's husband are letting her crash at their place while she's going through a rough patch in her life. What she really needs at the moment though is a towel to dry herself off after her shower. Her friend's husband brings her said towel and accidentally walks in on her naked. Chanel doesn't mind, in fact she thinks it's the perfect time to show him how thankful she is. She starts coming on to him and he's a little hesitant that his wife will find out, but Chanel promises that she'll keep their steamy love making to herself.
Categories: Big Tits Facial Brunette