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Homosexual College Trackstars

Duration: 127min 48sec Views: 233 993 Submitted: 5 years ago
Zander Zoe 21 Jun 2017 2

This is the first full-length porn movie that I've watched in a long, long time. The twink runners are all lovely, unique in their own ways both in physique and cock sizes. I love how manipulative the coach and checkpoint boys are to the runners - enticing them, or at least trying to entice them, to have sex with them through various tactics. Great sex scenes with different runners taking different positions and performing different acts in each one. I especially loved the coach, with his thick, meaty ass and tight red shorts cleaving to his bulging buns. I also liked how the coach upfront said that he had the hots for the super-cute #26, who turned out to be the winner, and thought that their first scene together was the best of all. I was surprised that at the end - instead of the coach fucking the winner as was said by some of the runners - he actually got fucked by them, especially his favorite boy, #26 the winner. Overall, a very entertaining porn flick with a lot of humor, hot sex and sexual scheming and manipulation - just what a hot porn flick should be!

Barry 17 Oct 2016 4


anonymous 12 Aug 2016 11


anonymous 12 Aug 2016 3


biafine 05 May 2016 0

Five stars for the third , number 4, and his perfect body!

anonymous 18 Apr 2016 0

Mmmm would love to fuck him in the ass and suck his big cock yumm

Fiachra 05 Dec 2015 1

That trainer has got to have one of the best arses in porn. Would love to fill his hole.

ddddddddddddddd 03 Oct 2015 6

so hot