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Tony Tigrao & Mell in Pleasantly lost Movie

Duration: 7min 32sec Views: 4 184 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Im not sure if Tony is a moron or a genius. We were looking for this address he got from a girl and we got lost in the boondocks. So I was cussing him out up and down until we saw Mell jog by. After she helped us figure out how to get to where we were going we hit it off with her and she told us her real name was natalie but her nickname is Mell. Tony and I quickly decided to make the other wait while we tried to score with Mell. She finished her jog and agreed to some refreshments back at our place. Tony got a workout himself once Mell really kicked it into high gear and fucked the shit out of Tony. We stood up the other girl and never called her back. After you see this anal action, you will know exactly why we decided to forget about the other girl we were trying to find.
Tags: Tony Tigrao
Models: Tony Tigrao