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male cult two

Duration: 89min 22sec Views: 149 881 Submitted: 5 years ago
mictra 16 Nov 2017 0

que de belles bites superbe à sucer et lècher

Zander Zoe 22 Jun 2017 -2

I love this porn flick. Uncle Pruitt is the essence of perv in his seduction of both his nephew and his nephew's friends to drop their pants and let him suck them off. His nephew is hotness personified and his nephew's friends are all hot in their own ways. I particularly like the smaller Latino (or possibly Pacific Islander or Filipino-American) friend, who to me is absolutely adorable, and I also would have loved to be there and sucked off the nephew's Mexican friend, Donny, with his dark Latino cock (unfortunately, Donny came before anyone sucked him off!). My only question is: Where did Uncle Pruitt go with the young dude he sucked off in his final scene? It looked like he escorted him to the back of the house - perhaps his bedroom for some more intimate man-to-man play? And why didn't Uncle Pruitt or the nephew offer anyone other than the first two dudes a cold beer from the bucket? But I guess this is porn and my imagination is supposed to wonder and wander. This is definitely one of hottest older/younger flicks I have ever seen - two thumbs up!!

cntrlflapoz at g mail 08 Aug 2016 4

Adore the sexual energy here