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AGED LARGE ding-dong LENGTHY anal A-HOLE fuck

Duration: 42min 53sec Views: 1 182 415 Submitted: 6 years ago
Categories: Gay Gay Bareback Gay Daddy
PhilanthropicPhallicism 01 Aug 2017 1

Sure wish that dick were inside MINE. It might hurt...but I bet it "hurts so good!" His fine-tuned ass is a thing of beauty and a joy forever, and his shiny cock and ass are so fun to watch! Especially when he keeps adjusting himself and touching everywhere. I wish I were the bottom enjoying all that bliss - but I'm content watching those clenched, sculpted butt cheeks "smiling" as Mr. Happy makes sure the lucky bottom does not have a hungry bum any time soon!

Shawn 20 Sep 2016 6

He sure has a big cock . That has got to hurt

Hornybtmasian 20 Aug 2016 9

Wanna try that huge toy in my hole. But not sure if I can take it. Love huge cock

turtintransex 05 Jun 2016 5

i want this big toy in my asshole

wicked9195 16 Feb 2016 4

I want that huge dick in my hole I am sooo jealous :)

anonymous 07 Jan 2016 -3

Would love to lick his hairy asshole while he is fucking.

Ray 16 Sep 2015 12

Lucky man.