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L!ck my ding-dong balls & eat my jiz

Duration: 19min 41sec Views: 31 875 Submitted: 5 years ago
anonymous 15 Oct 2018 0

Ricardo: wondefrful, marvelous, fantastic to see the black boy tasting the white guy cum, then fucking him mercileesly until he comes & his cum is swallowed by the young man who is so beautifully penetrated, a really gorgeous video. Shame that I don't know the names of both fuckers & shame that this film is so difficult to find since I'm addicted to this couple fromt the first time I saw their glorious performance & cannot stop masturbating myseld each time I have the opportunity to watch this sooooo exciting video.

anonymous 05 Sep 2016 -1

Fuck.... this is so fucking hot....I came so hard.... I want that black top to fuck me like that....mmmmm bbc is the ONLY way to fuck

anonymous 20 Oct 2015 3

Good to see a white guy who understands how good cum tastes from a nice black cock!